San Francisco based artist and designer Sasha Vu graduated with a BFA in Communications Design and Illustration from Brooklyn's Pratt institute in 2013. She studied 2D and 3D design, lighting , photography and illustration.

Since graduating, Sasha has worked as a freelance installation artist, photographer and illustrator. She also has worked as an assistant art director conceptualizing , collaborating and creating event installations  and prop design. 

Sasha is a co founder of San Francisco based art collective StreetHeart. StreetHeart is a art collective that creates large scale event and festival installation art.  Other members include artists Lynne Lee and Sophia Mitguard. StreetHeart strives to excite and effect the mind. 

Blending the macabre, surreal and beautiful ; Sasha creates images, spaces and objects that transport the viewer. Her art serves as a portal for the imagination and realms beyond.

contact sasha 

p (415) 7241136